Pete Wilson statue removed from Downtown San Diego

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – The statue of former San Diego Mayor, California Governor and Senator Pete Wilson is no longer standing at its place near Horton Plaza in Downtown San Diego.

The bronze likeness sat on the private land of the Irvine Company.

On Monday, protesters asked for the statue to be removed due to Wilson’s support of anti-immigration legislation during his tenure as Governor of California.

KUSI has learned that neither the City, City Council, nor the Mayor had any knowledge of the statue’s removal.

The Mayor’s office says the land is private, and the statue was privately funded.

The Irvine Company’s CEO, Donald Bren, was a major backer of Wilson’s successful run for Governor and US Senate, and had no involvement in the removal of the San Diego statue.

The decision to remove the statue was made by the President of Horton Walk, Stephen Williams. Horton Walk is the California non-profit who is the current owner of the statue.

Regarding the removal, Williams said, “we have decided to secure an protect this statue in a place of safekeeping. No decision has been made at this time as to when or if the statue will be returned.”

KUSI contributor and radio host, Mark Larson, joined Good Morning San Diego to discuss the removal of the statue.

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