Petition started to create “Caylee’s Law'”

One woman is not letting her outrage at the Casey Anthony verdict go to waste.

She's started a petition drive to create Caylee's law.

If created, the law would make it a felony to not report your child missing 24 hours after a disappearance.

The Tuesday not-guilty verdict of Casey Anthony doesn't sit well with Oklahoma mother of two, Michelle Crowder.

KUSI's Tom Jordan spoke to Crowder via telephone on Wednesday, less than a day after the Anthony verdict.

She says she started her drive to create Caylee's Law on the website late Tuesday.

By mid-Wednesday, more than 60,000 people had signed the petition, more than 2,000 people every hour.

It's the fastest growing campaign in's history.

A major part of the Casey Anthony case is that she never reported her child missing.

Caylee's grandmother finally notified police nearly a month after the child disappeared.

Caylee's Law would make that a felony.

In fact, Crowder is proposing that any parent or legal guardian that does not report their child missing beyond 24-hours after the child has disappeared, will be charged with a felony.

Michelle Crowder is waiting for the petition drive to hit the 200,000 mark, which, if it continues at this rate, could happen by week's end.

At that point she hopes Congress will look at the proposal and turn it into a bill, and, eventually, a federal law.

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