Photographer John Cocozza assaulted and threatened by ANTIFA at Pacific Beach demonstration

PACIFIC BEACH (KUSI) – Three people were arrested on Saturday after members of ANTIFA and BLM arrived at the scheduled, pro-Trump “Patriot March” at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and Hornblend Street in Pacific Beach, California.

The “Patriot March” was scheduled for 2:00 PM Saturday. However, before the march could begin, the group of ANTIFA and BLM members confronted the Trump supporters.

The members of ANTIFA were then met by police in full riot gear, which is when things began turning violent.

Police say members of ANTIFA were dressed in all black and threw rocks, glass bottles, and eggs at the officers.

There are multiple videos of the members of ANTIFA threatening and macing people who they came in contact with, including a woman and a dog.

One of the people who was assaulted by ANTIFA, was photographer John Cocozza, who happened to be driving by when the demonstrators were in Pacific Beach.

Cocozza pulled over and tried to capture the event with his camera, when an ANTIFA member assaulted him with a skateboard.

He explained that the pro-Trump crowd never even got to start their march, and ANTIFA began going after innocent bystanders.

Furthermore, Cocozza slammed the local media for refusing to name ANTIFA and BLM, instead saying “counter-protesters.”

Cocozza explained what exactly happened on KUSI’s Good Evening San Diego.

Full interview with John Cocozza:

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Cocozza Back Injury

John Cocozza shows his back injury after being assaulted by ANTIFA

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