Photos of Biden’s migrant detention facility show children in cages

WASHINGTON (AP) — President Joe Biden’s administration has tried for weeks to keep the public from seeing images from the border like those released Monday. The new images show immigrant teenagers sleeping on mats in crowded conditions, separated in groups by plastic partitions, essentially a “cage.”

Democrat Congressman Henry Cuellar released pictures of an overcrowded immigration facility in Texas, Cuellar claimed more than 400 migrants were being kept there, and the facility was meant for just 250.

The Biden Administration steadfastly refuses to call the detention of more than 15,000 children in U.S. custody a crisis.

But it has stymied most efforts by outsiders to decide for themselves.

Officials have barred nonprofit lawyers who conduct oversight from entering a Border Patrol tent where thousands of children and teenagers are detained. And federal agencies have refused or ignored dozens of requests from the media for access to detention sites.

President Trump slammed the Biden Administration on Fox News for their immigration policies saying, “people are just pouring into our country and they will destroy our country. They will destroy our country.”

Monday in San Diego, it was announced that the Convention Center would be used as a shelter for unaccompanied migrant children seeking asylum.

Officials say the shelter will be temporary, but others question how they will end the program if migrants continue to show up in large numbers.

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