Plans for Mission Bay redevelopment move forward

MISSION BAY (KUSI) — It’s the largest man-made aquatic playground in America and after 60-years of ebbing and flowing, it’s time for a major makeover. 

As you might imagine, not everyone is happy about it.

Mission Bay Park is home to nearly every outdoor activity you can think of, golf, tennis, camping, sailing, you get the idea.  Mission Bay has it all. 

Under new plans by the city, it may have a little less recreation and a little more marshland.

One thing we do know, the golf course will stay in some form or fashion. It could be altered to make room for more marshland near the water’s edge. But most of that land will remain a golf course. The only lighted golf course in all of San Diego.

The only campground on the bay will likely be going away. Creating more natural habitat has been a priority for some city planners. In this case, it’s a tug of war between recreation and marshland.

As for the only trailer park on the waterfront, gone. It’s almost dismantled and ready for the next mission. De Anza Cove has seen its last residents.

Keep in mind, this is a major project that will shape the future of San Diego for the next 100-years. Time is running out for stakeholders to make their case. 

That is, the people who live, play and work here.   

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