Poinsettia and Holiday Bowls boost San Diego economy

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Aztec fans, get ready. San Diego State takes on Navy in Tuesday night’s highly anticipated Poinsettia Bowl.

As bowl fans descend on San Diego, the city’s hotel and hospitality industry gets set to make it a winning play.

From the tabs at restaurants and bars, to overnight stays at the Embarcadero and Mission Valley hotels, the bowl fans who converge on sunny San Diego give the local economy a boost.

Hotel occupancy rates usually dip in December because it’s the lowest time of the year for the tourism and hospitality industry.

With the influx of teams and thousands of their fans, the Poinsettia and Holiday Bowls have become San Diego tourism’s most valuable Christmas gift.

Christmas holiday is strategic because there is plenty of hotel rooms available, plenty of space in the restaurants.

Last year, the Poinsettia and Holiday Bowls generated about $31 million in tourism spending.

Even though most Aztec fans won’t be traveling or booking hotels, extra dividends from the bowl show up in other ways.

Those television shots of the players visiting attractions such as SeaWorld or the San Diego Zoo translate into free advertising and marketing.

For businesses that thrive on tourist dollars, it is a touchdown.

There is another plus for the people who are working at the stadium. Staff who provide security, help with parking or work the concessions will also benefit.

The Executive director of the Poinsettia and Holiday Bowls said he is expecting an additional $25 to $30 million to be pumped into the San Diego economy.

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