Point Loma High School modernization project hits major milestone

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Point Loma High has been around since 1925 and this is the first time the school has ever seen a renovation project of this magnitude. What used to be the site of an old useless building, is now turning into a state of the art 38,000 square-foot facility. The excitement is certainty building among the student body and staff. On Monday, they watched the hoisting of the final steel beam of what will be a new three-story building.

“It’s a milestone in the project here. Just seening it completed, watching this building go up actually as quick as it did, is exciting. A steel beam and the symbolism. It’s Point Loma gold, ” said Hans Becker, the principal referring to the school’s color.

Students have indeed struck gold, thanks to voters who approved a couple bond measures to help fund the massive project.

“It’s going to house our library but it’s also going to have an innovation center to it where students will have the opportunity to collaborate either in small spaces or larger spaces,” said Becker.

This of course in addition to a café and lots of classroom space. The project will also feature upgrades to the athletic facilities, On-site parking and entrance security.

Even though Nico Demers, who is graduating this year, won’t be around to experience it, he says he’s excited for those students who will.

“With the younger kids, when they see ‘oh look a new building’ and like all this science, whatever that building is going to be used for, it’s just gonna be super exciting for people to want to come and everyone’s going to hear about Point Loma. I think we’re kind of known for having really like old campus and a ton of alumni are super proud that they’re Pointers,” said Demers.

Vicki Wamble-Cocke was on the campus today. She’s part of the class of 69. It’s a bitter-sweet moment because there are so many memories on the campus.

“I’m happy for the new kids but it’s kind of sad for us older children,” said Wamble-Cocke with a smail.

She got to sign the final steel beam to go up marking the milestone in the construction project as did other students from the past, present and the future. This massive modernization project is expected to be completed in late 2021.

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