Point Loma Nazarene University denies Turning Point USA presence on-campus

POINT LOMA (KUSI) – Point Loma Nazarene University ASB rejected their own students from creating a “Turning Point USA” chapter.

Turning Point USA Contributor Jordan Rachel published an article explaining how over 100 students were denied the ability to form a TPUSA chapter, something that has been very successful for conservative minded students at various universities across the United States.

Rachel spoke with PLNU student Hannah Nelson who was the one trying to start the TPUSA chapter. Nelson said she chose to “go to a private Christian university for the sake of not having an education rooted in liberal bias.” Four years later, Nelson said she “discovered that type of college does not exist. I have been consistently shut down, silenced, and harassed for my views at what is considered a private Christian university which preaches about diversity and inclusion.”

Nelson had over 100 PLNU students who wanted to join, and engage in civil dialogue, only to be denied by a single student on ASB.

Rachel told KUSI’s Paul Rudy on Good Morning San Diego that this tells her, “one person represents the views of the entire leadership team, which ultimately represents the entire student body.” Adding that, “the reason they gave for denying the chapter, is that Turning Point USA promotes ‘problematic rhetoric,’ which of course is very vague.”

Rachel said she believes that excuse signifies, “that their belief is in leftist ideology, which in all actuality is the real problematic rhetoric, especially for those of the Christian faith.”

Jordan Rachel’s complete article can be read here.

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