Point Loma residents are upset over a new housing project

POINT LOMA (KUSI) — People who live in Point Loma are up in arms over a new duplex that’s being built.

They say the new project is violating city regulations.

More than 140 people stressed their concerns over this housing project at a Point Loma Town Hall meeting earlier Monday.

Residents describe Point Loma as a haven of quaint homes in a quiet community. A neighborhood that is not fit for modern housing or buildings taller than the current coast code of 30-feet.

So neighbors are outraged that a 40-foot duplex is being constructed on the corner of Emerson and Evergreen Street.

They say it obstructs their views, modernizes their city and will lead to other similar developments. The project somehow bypassed the Peninsula Planning Group, who normally approve any type of construction in the area. 

At a town hall meeting Monday night, residents suggested that city officials get involved and issue a "stop work" order immediately.

The purpose of Monday’s meeting was also to get community members on board with a potential lawsuit against the city and/or the developer.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Lorie Zapf released this statement regarding the project:

"We are strong supporters of the coastal height limit and protecting coastal views.  It is abundantly clear to us that this project does not conform to the spirit of the coastal height limit approved by voters under Proposition D."

Councilwoman Lori Zapf has asked the city attorney to further investigate this complex.

Mayor Kevin Faulconer and Councilwoman Zapf were expected to be at the meeting, but they didn’t come. But Mayor Faulconer did say that he will personally get involved with the Emerson project later this week.

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