Pokémon Go brings people together at Balboa Park

BALBOA PARK (KUSI) — Pokémon Go has become a phenomenon , taking over mobile phones as players search far and wide for Nintendo’s creatures. The game has people of all ages – men, women and children – walking through neighborhoods buried in their phones as they try to catch the next Pokémon that pops up on their screen. One of the best places to do this in San Diego is Balboa Park, where trainers are being lured in for the opportunity to capture one of the rare Pokémon, like a “Dragonite.”

Players are spending hours getting lost in the park, walking up and down one of the finest places in the city while playing Pokémon Go. They’re even staying late into the night – hundreds of people playing past midnight – walking in lockstep with their fellow trainers. Thursday night the San Diego Police Department got in on the fun with several patrol cars blaring the iconic Pokémon theme from the 90’s television show while flashing their lights around Balboa Park. The huge gathering cheered and applauded them as they drove through, embracing the police presence just as they embraced the people they were there to protect. One of the units stationed at Balboa even brought donuts to share with those training to become the very best.

The positive reaction from the community toward SDPD comes at a time when tensions are high in society. Seeing people taking pictures with officers’ cruisers and bantering with those on patrol is a sign of the kind of healthy relationship that can be built, and is just one of the many benefits that have suddenly stemmed from Pokémon fever.

The game is bringing people out of their homes and into the heart of San Diego that is Balboa Park. Social media spread news of the park being a hot spot for those taking the dive into Pokemon Go, quickly turning it into a go-to spot for those looking for somewhere besides around the block for their next catch.  The rose garden has been filling out with people enjoying the game, and hopefully taking the time to enjoy the roses themselves.

How long will this social experience hold steam remains an unknown, but it’s clear that it’s making an immediate impact for those turning their phone into an experience that has to be seen to believe.

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