Police arrest man after attempted burglary

OCEANSIDE (KUSI) – Police arrested a man after he attempted to break into a business in Oceanside.

The suspect, identified as Adolfo Evans, was spotted tampering with property at the rear of the closed restaurant around 6:30 a.m., Oceanside police Lt. Leonard Cosby said.

Evans allegedly tried to force his way inside, and after a brief scuffle with an employee he then headed to the side of the restaurant and used his bike to break two large plate glass windows, Cosby alleged.    

Evans fled once the employee called the police.   

He was spotted shortly afterward near the Villa Del Mar Apartments less than a block away on Los Arbolitos Boulevard. He attempted to run off again,= but the officer was close behind, Cosby said.   

During the brief pursuit, Evans turned around, prompting the officer to use his taser. Cosby said the stun gun had little effect, but a scuffle ensued.   

Arriving officers broke up the tussle and took Evans into custody on suspicion of felony vandalism, assaulting a police officer and possession of burglary tools, Cosby said.

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