Police shooting wounds two drug suspects

SAN DIEGO (CNS) – A detective fired into an Encanto-area home Thursday,
wounding two drug suspects, when she believed she saw one of them reach for a
gun, authorities reported.

The shooting in the 600 block of 64th Street occurred about 7:45 a.m.,
as members of a narcotics-enforcement team were trying to serve a search
warrant, according to San Diego police.

As one of the officers knocked on a window of the residence to announce
their presence, it broke, after which she saw a man inside seemingly grabbing
for a gun, SDPD Lt. Mike Hastings said.

The detective fired several rounds, wounding the 35-year-old suspect in
the hip and leaving another occupant, a 56-year-old woman, with a lower-leg
gunshot injury. The pair, whose names where not released, were admitted to a
hospital in stable condition, according to Hastings.

It remained unclear this evening if the male suspect indeed had been
trying to arm himself when the detective fired her gun through the window.

The police shooting was the second of two to occur in San Diego in as
many days.

Late Wednesday morning, SDPD Sgt. Kerry Mensior fatally shot an
apparently suicidal military veteran who allegedly raised a pellet rifle toward
officers from inside a third-floor apartment above a bar about six blocks east
of City Hall.

John Edward Chesney, 62, died inside his third-floor rental residence in
the 900 block of Broadway.

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