Polls Close Midnight Monday

It won’t be long before we learn the 18th name to immortalized on the side of the prestigious Silver Pigskin.  We are currently enjoying record Fan Vote turnout. You the viewers are on pace to shatter all previous social media vote totals. (The record is 12, 187 votes cast in 2005.  But back then we used a low security phone poll.  Our current social media system flags duplicate and suspicious voting patterns.)

The Fan Vote is designed to give you a voice in the process. You can also decide a close election. But the real meat to the electoral process takes place within the rolls of the 278 E-ballot recipients.  This collection of San Diego high school football coaches, prep media members and community leaders do the heavy lifting.  You can see the names of the current PPR Player of the Year voters at KUSI.com.  It is within these walls that the 2016 Silver Pigskin winner will likely be decided.

So if you’re fortunate to be on this E-ballot list, it’s important you cast your vote.  The ballot provides you with more than enough information to make an educated decision.  You can compare statistics, highlights, player evaluations and interviews.  With a few clicks of your computer mouse you can possess the knowledge to make a decision that will change one young man’s life forever.

Because we believe in the value of 100% percent voter turnout, our Red Jacket Army has been instructed to start calling voters who have yet to return their ballot.  Their mission is to encourage you to vote and to supply another ballot in the event the first one or two have been 86ed. 

It’s important to remember, if you don’t cast your vote, you will be removed from future Player of the Year rolls.  That might not seem like a big deal now but imagine if one of your players or somebody important to you makes our podium and your vote privileges have been terminated?  You can avoid that embarrassment by simply taking the five minutes needed to fill out our ballot.

McKinnon Broadcasting CFO Steve Sadler is the only person who sees your returned email. Once your vote is recorded, the email is destroyed.   Not even Julian Assange can crack our vote tabulation servers. By the way,  in 2017 BleachBit will be a new PPR sponsor.

Seriously, in 18 years we’ve never had an incident of voter security being breached.   So rest easy in the knowledge that the PPR voting process is both secure and accurate.

Polls close midnight Monday Dec. 5th.  19 hours later we’ll know the identity of the 18th athlete to hoist the prestigious Silver Pigskin.

Remember you can watch the Gala, Tuesday night December 6th. (You can also watch online at KUSI.com)  The Red carpet ceremony starts at 5 pm, with the main event kicking off at 6 pm.

Until then, there is much to do.

Paul Rudy/ PPR

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