Port of San Diego lends a hand as L.A.’s cargo ship bottleneck continues

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Dozens of cargo ships that were supposed to dock in Los Angeles and Long Beach are now being accepted in San Diego.

This week, a record number of cargo ships are backed up as a result of staff shortages. Port of San Diego official, Greg Borossay, told KUSI News they are lending a helping hand.

“There’s a chronic logistics and supply chain problem that’s hitting the entire globe,” he said. “But specifically in the Pacific, there’s an imbalance of trade, and there’s a bunching of vessels in L.A. [and] Long Beach.”

According to Borossay the Port of San Diego is able to accept about 2-4 vessels a month. He said the last seven months were the busiest the terminal has ever seen, and he expects October to be no different.

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