Possible settlement in battle over De Anza Cove

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) – Decades of long fights over some of the most valuable land in San Diego City seem to finally come to end.

The battle is between the city and the people who have been living at a mobile home park on the Anza Cove for years.

One of Southern California’s most desirable waterfronts is in Mission Bay. The prime real estate is beneath a mobile home park.

In 1945, the state of California declared the cove as a Tide Lines Trust, park land, or public park land.

A developer received permission to set up a campground, and over the years, it turned into something more permanent.

The developer was found to be in violation of the Tide Lands Act.

The Homeowners Association filed lawsuits and the while mess went to court.

Superior Court Judge Joel Pressman decided, despite the fact the lease expired and reprieved expired, the city should not be allowed to force people who live on the land to leave.

At least not without paying their moving expenses, and this is not about renting a U-Haul truck or two.

The judgment said the city should pay $22 million, plus attorney’s which could add to seven to eight more million.

The city council did not like it, so they are now offering to pay the freight to get the squatters off its land, a public land.

The plaintiffs’ attorney said in a statement, they will not accept any offer until they check into whether they can get more money form the city.

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