San Diego Cavers 36, Coronado Islanders 0

Tonight was the end of the regular season here in San Diego for high school football. Teams across the county were giving it their all tonight to try and get one last win in to bring up their regular season record before playoffs start next week. Some teams have perfect records, while some struggled this season. With San Diego Cavers being one of the undefeated (and underdog surprise) teams, did they finish with a perfect season?

Starting off the first quarter, Thomas Marcus finds George "Bubba" Gomez in the endzone for a 25-yard touchdown catch. Cavers would try and go in for a 2 point conversion but would get denied by the Islanders defense. Score 6-0. Coronado would try and gain some yards, but George "Bubba" Gomez would get the fumble and return it with a 35-yard touchdown. Cavers would try again for a 2-point conversion and this time would succeed. Cavers up 14-0. 

Going into the second quarter, Cavers would remain in control of the game. Thomas Marcus would fake the hand off and would go and take it in himself for an 80-yard rushing touchdown. PAT is good. Cavers go into the halftime with the 21-0 lead.

Third quarter was full of running clocks and flag after flag. Coronado trying to get on the board, but would continue to be defeated by San Diego’s defense. San Diego would try to widen the gap for scoring, but could not do so as well. Score stands still at 21-0 entering the fourth quarter.

Coronado tried all they could but the Cavers would not let them. Cavers would go on to score two more touchdowns thanks to Thomas Marcus.

Final score: San Diego 36 – Coronado 0. 

San Diego goes on to get their first perfect regular season, win the Central League (10-0) and are at the top of the leader board for Division 4 going into playoffs.

Tune in next week to see who will take on who as playoff seeds will be given for all the divisions. 

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PREVIEW: Alright football fans, the final week of regular season play is already here. Homecomings have come and gone, new fields have been christened, seniors have been celebrated, blowout games have been a trend and upsets continue to shock the county. Now it’s time for teams to give it all they got in the last chance to improve their record standings for CIF play. 

One of the featured games this week will be the undefeated underdogs San Diego Cavers (9-0), (3-0) traveling over the Coronado Bridge to play against fellow Central League competitors, Coronado Islanders (3-6),(0-3) for one last regular season game. 

Coronado has won the last two games against San Diego in 2016 and 2015, winning 43-6 and 34-22. 

The Cavers have shocked San Diego county this season is an understatement. Cavers, are looking to have their best season since 1994. With powerhouse players such as senior wide receiver Thomas Marcus (who committed to University of Arizona on KUSI’s PrePR), junior quarterback Quinn O’Connor, and junior running back Raiden Hunter.  Marcus has scored 12 touchdowns so far this season, with 15 catches. O’Connor has 16 passing touchdown, and 1003 total passing yards. Hunter has rushed 1014 yards, has 103 carries, and 14 touchdowns. 

Coronado has had a rocky year. Last year they were (9-3), lead the Central in scoring as well as giving up the least amount of points on the defensive side. This year its vice-versa. They are ranked last in both categories and last in the Central League for overall record. Junior and senior quarterbacks  Bryce Alexander and Lance Lorentz have a total of 10 touchdowns, but have a total of 13 interceptions. Islanders has a whole have only scored 15 touchdowns, compared to individual players at other schools who have the same amount by themselves. Every team goes through a rough patch, and 2017 just happens to be Coronado’s.  

Kickoff is at 6:30pm at Coronado.

Will the Cavers remain undefeated and finish with a perfect regular season or will the Islanders fight back and take the win? 

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