Premiere of “Major Capers: The Legend of Team Broadminded” at the GI Film Festival

“Major Capers: The Legend of Team Broadminded” is a documentary premiering in San Diego tomorrow as a part of the GI Film Festival.

Ashley Cusato,Writer/Producer/Director of “Major Capers”, and Tim Ney, Executive Director of the Armed Services YMCA, visited the studio on Saturday to talk about the film.

As “one of the most decorated Force Recon Marines in history”, Major James Capers Jr. is considered an American hero who persevered through adversity and fifty classified missions as an African American in the military during the Vietnam War.

This is the first year that the GI Film Festival San Diego has a film block solely dedicated to African Americans in the military, with one of the films, “Major Capers: The Legend of the Broadminded,” screening on Sunday, Sept. 30 at UltraStar Cinemas in Hazard Center. The documentary was filmed in the greater San Diego Area and Major Capers himself will be in attendance at the screening and a panel discussion after.

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