Preparing for summer travel and allergies

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) -As temperatures warm up, many people are getting ready to kick off their summer travel plans.

Those with allergies should take extra precaution while traveling according Akilah Jefferson, MD Pediatric Allergy Specialist, Rady Children’s Hospital. To stay healthy this season is Jefferson gave some advice on Good Morning San Diego.

Food Allergies and summer travel:
• Be as prepared as possible. While travelling we are out of our normal routine so we have to be a little more vigilant.
• Think about how you will travel. Early morning flights are often best because planes are cleaner and you can decrease unintentional exposures to food allergens. For more severe allergies consider wipes also for areas like tray tables. Fortunately, most airlines no longer serve peanuts as snacks.
• Consider pre-boarding if possible and let the airline know about your allergy in advance so accommodations can be made for you.
• Make sure you have all of your emergency medications, including auto injectable Epinephrine and antihistamines. Check to make sure they are not expired.
• Bring a copy of your Food Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Care Plan.
• At your destination let the hotel and restaurants know about your allergy. If it is a country where you do not speak the language you can use Chef Cards in multiple languages to help.
• -Consider bringing a few snacks from home that you know are safe foods

2. Environmental Allergies and summer travel:
• Prepare and plan. Look forward to the forecast in the area you are travelling. Ask the hotel for a hypoallergenic room.
• Make sure you have all of your allergy and asthma medications, including nasal sprays, oral antihistamines, and inhalers. Check to make sure they are not expired.
• Minimize exposure. At your destination try to avoid outdoor activities during peak pollen times (usually between 5-10am), shower at least daily to rinse off any allergens that have gotten on your skin and hair, and keep windows closed if possible.

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