President Biden says high gas prices are just part of “incredible transition”

Gas prices are breaking record highs on a near daily basis here in San Diego County, and many other parts of the United States.

The Biden Administration has put in minimal effort to combat the crisis which is hitting low-income Americans the hardest. Democrats at the highest level in the Administration have told Americans to “just buy a Tesla,” and brushing off the pain the price at the pump is causing millions.

In San Diego County, the average price of a gallon of gasoline is $6.028.

The national average is $4.598, its 13th record in 15 days.

President Biden has been blaming the record high prices on Putin, like every other crisis he is facing.

Republicans point to all of the policies the Biden Administration has implemented since taking office as cause of the record high gas prices, including making the United States energy dependent. Under President Trump, the United States was energy independent and prices were much, much lower.

Monday at the White House, President Biden was asked about the record high prices, and he brushed them off saying its just part of an “incredible transition” to stop relying on fossil fuels.

Republicans are quick to point out that Biden and the Democrats don’t care about the pain millions of American are dealing with, explaining they will do anything to implement their radical climate change agenda.

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