President Donald Trump, Russian President Vladimir Putin have first sit-down meeting in Hamburg

HAMBURG (KUSI) — United States President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin sat down for their first meeting in Hamburg, Germany Friday.

The two leaders were expected to discuss several issues ranging from the Syrian conflict to Russia’s influence in Ukraine. The meeting was schedules to last 30 minutes but went on for over two hours. 

The meeting comes while the United States is investigating Russia’s possible influence on the 2016 U.S. election. It is unclear if Trump will raise the allegations to Putin at the meeting.

On Thursday, President Trump said he did believe Russia may have interfered in the election, but that other countries may have been involved as well.

President Trump is in Hamburg for the Group of 20 (G-20) summit. The group of world leaders on Friday discussed fighting terrorism before gathering for a group photo. Other topics scheduled for the two-day summit include global trade and climate.

Earlier in the day he met with Mexican President Pena Nieto. It is unclear what was discussed, but the President called Nieto a “friend.”

The G-20 includes leaders from: the United States, Mexico, Germany, France, Britain, the European Union, Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, Australia, Brazil, India, Indonesia, Italy, Japan, Canada, South Africa, Turkey and South Korea.

Outside the summit, anti-globalization protesters continued to demonstrate. On Thursday, protesters clashed with police officers who used water canons to subdue protesters. Protesters set several cars ablaze and attempted to block leaders from entering the summit. At least 111 officers have been injured, police said. 

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