President-Elect meets with MLK’s son to discuss voting accessibility

NEW YORK CITY (KUSI) — President-Elect Donald Trump and Martin Luther King III met at Trump Tower Monday to celebrate Martin Luther King Jr. Day an to discuss the important of voting accessibility. 

King described the meeting as, "very constructive." King said the two mostly discussed the, "broken voting system," and ways to improve it.

He also mentioned that Trump promised to represent all Americans moving forward. 

"He [Trump] said that he is going to represent all Americans. He said that over and over again," King told reporters in the lobby of Trump Tower after the meeting. "I believe that’s his intent, but I think we also have to consistently engage with pressure, public pressure. It doesn’t happen automatically."

King also said his father would be concerned about the poverty crisis in America. He said that’s one of the issues he wants to address right away.

According to CNN, Trump called on Americans to observe Martin Luther King Jr. Day and "celebrate all of the many wonderful things that he stood for," after a weekend clash with civil rights activist, Rep. John Lewis, who Trump said was "all talk and no action."

Over the weekend, Lewis said Trump was not a "legitimate" president and he wouldn’t attend the inauguration.

Martin Luther King III commented on the fight between Trump and Lewis, saying, "in the heat of emotion, a lot of things get said on both sides."

The total number of lawmakers skipping the inauguration grew over the weekend after Trump’s comments. 

It’s now up to at least 20. 

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