President Trump delivers forceful message to GOP senators ahead of health care vote

WASHINGTON, D.C. (KUSI) — President Donald Trump made a public push Monday to convince United States senators to advance the GOP health care bill.

Surrounded by those he called “victims of Obamacare, President Trump delivered a forceful message to Senate Republicans to vote yes on the health care bill. 

"For Senate republicans, this is their chance to keep their promise, Trump said Monday. “Over and over again, they said, ‘Repeal and replace, repeal and replace.’ But they can now keep their promise."

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has so far garnered a 52-48 majority on the bill, which means a loss of just two votes would mean failure for the bill. 

On Tuesday, senators are expected to vote on whether or not to have a debate on a series of health care measure before voting on a final bill. Sen. John McCain announced Monday he would return in time for the vote for debate. 

“Senator McCain looks forward to returning to the United States Senate tomorrow to continue working on important legislation, including health care reform, the National Defense Authorization Act, and new sanctions on Russia, Iran and North Korea,” his office said in a statement. 

Although McCain has criticized the health care bill, there were concerns that without him, getting a vote passed for debate would be difficult. 

Several republican Senators have expressed reservations about the bill, including West Virginia Sen. Shelley Morre Caputo and Main Sen. Susan Collins.

The president ramped up the pressure on those republican leaders on social media. In a series of tweets he said, “It’s very sad that republicans, even some that were carried over the line on my back, do very little to protect their president.”

“To every member of the Senate I say this: The American people have waited long enough,” the president said during the White House briefing. “There’s been enough talk and no action. Now is the time for action."

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