President Trump holds press conference with Romanian president

WASHINGTON D.C. (KUSI) — President Trump met with the Romanian president Friday to discuss anti-terrorism efforts and strengthening NATO, calling Romania a great ally, especially when it comes to the fight against terrorism.

After causing some doubt during a trip to NATO headquarters last month, the president reassured NATO members that he supports the Charter’s Article 5, stating each member of the alliance defend each other if they come under attack. But he also urged members to pay more for the alliance’s defense.

In a joint press conference in the Rose Garden with the president of Romania, President Trump urged other nations and NATO members to do more to fight terrorism, including paying their fair share.

"We hope our other NATO allies with follow Romania’s lead in meeting the financial cost of defense … but I will say this, because of our actions money is starting to pour into NATO," President Trump said. "We all need to share the burden inside NATO. This is why Romania also decided and if I am right, we are the first nation in your mandate to step up two percent of GDP for defense spending."

President Trump also said defeating ISIS and other terror organizations is his priority and called on other nations to stop funding terror.

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