President Trump completes his visit to San Diego

Just before noon on Tuesday, President Trump landed at MCAS Miramar and quickly departed on Marine One to tour the border wall prototypes in Otay Mesa. Video footage of local Border Patrol Officers explained the pros and cons of the different prototypes can be seen here.

On Monday, Governor Jerry Brown published a letter to the President saying, “You see, in California we are focusing on bridges, not walls. And that’s more than just a figure of speech.”

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Tuesday morning, Trump didn’t hesitate to criticize the State’s Governor. Trump said he believes Governor Jerry Brown is doing “a terrible job.”

“The drugs are pouring through in California. The Governor of California, nice guy, I knew him a long time ago, has not done the job. The taxes are double and triple what they should be, and everybody that lives in California, they know it” Trump asserted.

President Trump delivered remarks from Otay Mesa before heading back to MCAS Miramar where he will be speaking to local military members.

Thousands of military members awaited the Commander in Chief’s arrival as he travled from Otay Mesa back to MCAS Miramar aboard Marine One. KUSI’s Sasha Foo was live at the hangar to describe the energetic scene.

President Trump greeted the crowd by saying, “I am really thrilled to be here at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar!”

The President went on to describe his love for the military and all those who have served their country.

“I have a message for you straight from the heart of the American people. And you know what that is. We support you, we thank you, we love you, and we will always have your back like you have ours. Thank you.” The President continued, “Very importantly, most important, to all of the military spouses and family members here today, we know you really serve to. In many cases your the real boss of the family, right? We know that, so thank you. None of this would be possible without your incredible sacrifice and support. So thank you all.”

The President then celebrated the recent success of the United States Military in the fight to defeat ISIS. Trump made it clear his strategy is the cause of success, making a jab at President Obama’s failed strategy to defeat ISIS.

“Your service has been extraordinary. We won’t let up until ISIS is completely destroyed. ISIS never thought this would happen, they never got hit like this. We took off the gloves. In one year we did more damage than another administration, a certain other administration did in many years” Trump boasted.

President Trump then pivoted to promote the success of his economic policies, touting the recent jobs report.

“Our economy is setting records. Our unemployment is at all-time lows. African-American unemployment is the lowest its been in history. Hispanic unemployment is the lowest its been in history. Women unemployment is the lowest its been in 18 years. We are setting records, and last week we had over 150,000,000 people working. That’s more people working than ever before in our history. We’re making a lot of progress for you” announced the Commander in Chief.

Watch President Trump’s full 20-minute speech to local military members below.

President Trump speaks to local Military members after his tour of the border wall prototypes. Details:

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