President Trump presents highest Military honor to Vietnam war medic

SAN DIEGO (KUSI) — A retired Army captain is the recipient of the Medal of Honor. President Trump presented the highest Military honor to retired U.S. Army Captain Gary "Michael" Rose, who served as a medic in the Vietnam War. 

Captain Rose is being honored for saving multiple lives during a secret four-day mission into Laos during the Vietnam War.

Captain Rose was the only medic for 136 men during Operation "Tailwind." The goal of the mission was to prevent the North Vietnamese from funneling weapons along the Ho Chi Minh Trail to use against American troops. 

During the mission, a helicopter went to drop Captain Rose’s unit into Laos, but before the men even touched the ground, enemy fire struck three men.

Captain Rose crawled from one soldier to another as he tended to their wounds and even refused treatment for himself until the rest of the injured men in his unit were cared for. 

"This will enshrine him into the history of our nation," Trump said as he told the story of Roses heroism. "Mike, today we have a room full of people and a nation who thank God that you lived. Your will to endure, your love for your fellow soldier, your devotion to your country inspires us all."

Several soldiers in Rose’s unit during the September 1970 mission were in attendance at the White House for the ceremony Monday and were also recognized by the President.

"To Mike and all of the service members who fought in the battle, you’ve earned the eternal gratitude of the entire American nation. You faced down the evils of communism, you defended our flag and you showed the world the unbreakable resolve of the American armed forces. Thank you, and thank you very much," Trump said.

Rose said last week that the medal belongs to the unit he served with. 

Rose is the second person to receive the Medal of Honor since Trump became president. The previous honoree, James McCloughan, was also a Vietnam War medic.

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