President Trump pushes military agenda aboard the USS Gerald R. Ford

VIRGINIA (KUSI) — President Trump traveled to Virginia Thursday to deliver a speech aboard America’s newest aircraft carrier, the USS Gerald R. Ford.

There, he pitched his plans for a substantial increase in the defense budget that would include additional ships for the U.S. Navy.

President Trump vowed to mount what he says is one of the largest defense spending increases in history.

The president was introduced by Susan Ford Bales, the daughter of former President Gerald R. Ford and sponsor of the ship. 

The USS Gerald R. Ford is expected to be commissioned this year after running into cost overruns and delays. During his speech, President Trump talked about his spending plans, saying he would provide the finest equipment in the world and would also provide the military with the necessary tools to prevent war.

Earlier this week, a draft budget plan was released by the White House that would add $54 billion to the Pentagon’s projected budget, a 10 percent increase.

President Trump explained how the additional defense spending would help the military.

"We also need more aircraft, modernized capabilities, and greater force levels. Additionally we must vastly improve our cyber capabilities. This great rebuilding effort will create many jobs in Virginia and across America. It will also spare new technology and innovation. America has always been the country that boldly leads the world into the future, and my budget will ensure we do so and continue to do exactly that. American ships will sail the seas, American airplanes will soar the skies, American workers will build our fleets. And America’s military will ensure that even in the darkest nights and throughout, a bright and glowing sun will always shine on our nation and on our people," President Trump said.

President Trump also toured the carrier and met with sailors and military leaders. The USS Gerald R. Ford is expected to accommodate about 26,000 sailors. 

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