President Trump speaks to Republicans at annual policy retreat

PHILADELPHIA (KUSI) — While much of Thursday’s news was still focused on a border wall, President Trump was speaking to fellow Republicans at the annual policy retreat in Pennsylvania.

In his first trip outside Washington D.C. as president, Mr. Trump spoke Thursday afternoon to Republicans attending a GOP policy retreat in Philadelphia.

House and Senate Republicans are working on the agenda for 2017, including replacing Obamacare and working on immigration reform.

Meanwhile, British Prime Minister Theresa May, the president’s first foreign leader to visit the White House also spoke at the retreat.

May’s arrival comes as the U.K. plots its exit from the European Union and looks for trading partners, both in Europe and globally.

President Trump said he wants a new U.K. trade deal done quickly, but agreements with any country will be under his terms.

"If that particular country doesn’t treat us fairly we send them a 30-day termination, notice of termination, and then they’ll come to us and say ‘please don’t do that’, and we’ll negotiate a better deal during that 30-day period," President Trump said.

"We have the opportunity to reassert our belief in a confident, sovereign and Global Britain, ready to build relationships with old friends and new allies alike," Prime Minister May said.

President Trump has long supported Brexit, but Britain can’t sign onto a new deal with the U.S. until its officially left the E.U., a process that may take two years. 

White House Press Secretary Sean Spice said President Trump will sign an executive action to commission an investigation into widespread voter fraud, likely Friday. 

It had originally been expected Thursday. 

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