Press conference held at rejected placement site for sexually violent predator

MOUNT HELIX (KUSI) – Mount Helix residents are celebrating the first victory in the legal battle to fight the placement of sexually violent predators in their neighborhood.

County Supervisor Joel Anderson joined residents today to express his support of the decision and to discuss what happens next.

“If Liberty Healthcare was lying about vetting the house, and their code compliance, then are they going to be lying about the 24/7 monitoring that they have a contract to fulfill?” County Supervisor Anderson asked at his press conference. “Liberty gets paid between 20 and $30,000 per each sexually violent predator. I’ve lost all confidence in their ability to do their job because they lied in court,” Supervisor Anderson said.

KUSI’s Teresa Sardina joined viewers live from the Mount Helix neighborhood with more.

More sexually violent predators have been approved for release here in San Diego: William Stafford, Michael Joseph Martinez, and Alan James.

California Sen. Melissa Melendez, who represents the 28th District, has said that more residents should be reaching out to their community representatives to start a conversation about preventing SVP placement in their neighborhoods.

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