Mozes Mooney steals show and seals win for Bishop’s Knights

What. A. Game. In week 5 of San Diego prep football, the Bishop’s Knights faced the Monte Vista Monarchs. The Knights are undefeated and they were planning on keeping it that way. Mozes Mooney of the Knights was just two touchdowns away from tying the record for total career receptions, and it was clear he was planning on fighting for it.

The game kicked off with the Monte Vista Monarchs being the first to score with Terell Kyle rushing for a 22 yard touchdown. However, Mozes Mooney came in clutch for the Knights and managed to return a kick for a 96 yard touchdown. The Monarchs weren’t going down without a fight though. Monte Vista then scored again with Jahmon Mcclendon rushing for a 4 yard touchdown, leaving the score at 14-6. However, the Knights responded with Jeffrey Jackson throwing a 32 yard pass to Mooney. When Bishop’s kicked off, they were able to recover the ball and start another offensive drive. Jackson then passed to Mooney again, this time for a 36 yard touchdown. At this point, Mozes was tied with the record. After Monte Vista was forced to punt, the Knights regained possession. After Jeffrey Jackson threw a 73 yard first down pass to Jacob Jackson, Bishop’s made it to the 11 yard line. Jackson then threw an 11 yard touchdown pass to Mooney which was Mooney’s record-breaking reception which left the score at 26-14. When Monte Vista regained possession, they had to punt which gave the Knights their advantage. The first half ended with Jackson throwing a 3 yard touchdown pass to Mr. Mooney once more, leaving the final score of the first half 34-14.

The second half kicked off with Bishop’s kicking to Monte Vista, but unfortunately, the Monarchs were forced to punt, giving the Knights the ball. Jackson then threw a 12 yard touchdown to Jackson, and Mozes Mooney scoring the 2 point conversion. When the Monarchs were forced to punt once more Jackson threw ANOTHER touchdown pass to Mooney for 45 yards. The Monarchs had to respond somehow, which they did thanks to Jahmon Mcclendon rushing for a 4 yard touchdown. However this didn’t stop Mr. Mooney from scoring AGAIN. The final score wound up being 58-21 in the Knight’s favor. Mozes Mooney for sure went home very happy with himself and his team.


We’ve now entered that point in the season where football games on Friday nights have now become a weekly event worked into our schedules. This week, one game to not miss is the Bishop’s Knights against the Monte Vista Monarchs.

Last week, the Monarchs faced Casteel and unfortunately lost with a final score of 28-21 in overtime. However, Monte Vista has had some success so far against schools such as Mar Vista and Patrick Henry. The Monarchs are currently 2-2 so far and their offense has been lead by junior quarterback, Emmil Henderson.

As for Bishop’s, the Knights have had a rather impressive season as they are currently undefeated. Last week the Knights took on St. Margaret’s and were able to seal the win with a final score of 24-17. The Knights’ quarterback Jeffrey Jackson was even able to achieve 226 passing yards.

Monte Vista is currently ranked 2nd in Division 4 while Bishop’s is ranked 2nd in Division 2. One thing to keep in mind for this match-up is that team stats and rankings could are one thing while past performances could mean another. Catch the game this Friday September 22nd at 7:00 PM at Monte Vista High School. If you can’t make the game you could always catch the highlights on Friday night at 10:30 on KUSI.

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