Week 11: Carlsbad Lancers 28, Vista Panthers 0

Thadd MacNeal had heard the rumors: His Carlsbad Lancers, who were facing off Friday against the Vista Panthers in Vista, might be moved up to an even more prominent ranking across the state. It didn’t matter to him. Not before the final whistle was blown on Friday, anyway.

The Lancers easily rolled over the Panthers Friday night, scoring four times versus the Panthers’ zero for a final score of 28-0. MacNeal’s squad did it by sharing the ball between the air and the ground. Keoni Quintanta connected with Andrew Mauga and Noah Vella for passing scores, including Vella’s 34-yard game-capping touchdown in the third quarter, while junior running back Nate Mills’ rushing touchdown in the first half gave the Lancers a two-score lead and a first sign of the blowout that was to come.

Where, exactly, the Lancers wind up in the rankings after this one will be know in the coming days. One thing’s for sure: the Lancers, who finished the regular season 6-3, are hungry, and with a third straight victory to close out regular-season play, they’ve got momentum.


Hold on tight, folks, because this Week 11 matchup with the Vista Panthers (6-3) hosting the Carlsbad Lancers (5-3) looks like it could go one of a couple directions. Either each of these high-scoring teams comes out pushing for every yard and gives fans a game with an over/under around 60 points, or we see one of two equally as good defenses step up and allow for a game of averages.

What does that mean? It means that both Vista and Carlsbad have averaged more than 30 points scored per game this season but also have averaged about 19 points given up. Will one of these teams allow either set of those averages to dominate?

Carlsbad strong safety and wide receiver Jacob “Asa” Turner and Vista fullback David Flores will likely help fans know that answer early on.

As a senior at No. 45-ranked Carlsbad, the 6-foot-4 Turner will be playing his final regular-season game Friday. And although the Lancers won’t be able to win the Avocado League title– Torrey Pines is undefeated in league play and only San Marcos could possibly tie the Falcons – the team still has a chance to earn a No. 2 spot in the league and a higher playoff seed.

Turner could be the man to get the team there with his rush defense combined with his 45 yards gained per game on offense. Flores, meanwhile, leads the run-heavy Panthers in rushing with 852 ground yards on the season and 11 touchdowns scored.

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