Castle Park Trojans 40, Montgomery Aztecs 14

It was Senior Night at Montgomery as the Aztecs hosted the Castle Park Trojans in this years edition of the Warrior Bowl rivalry. 

The Trojans came out swinging in the first quarter scoring on a 13 play drive when Miguel Flores  punched it from a yard out.

Montgomery would get on the board when Kevin Rivera would scoop and score on the CP fumble, 7-6 Aztecs.

But the Trojans fired right back with a 40 yard touchdown pass from Angelo Trujillo to Anthony Navarro and another touchdown pass from Trujillo to Nick Williams from 57 yards out.

Castle Park would take the 20-7 lead headed into the half.

There would be no scoring in the 3rd quarter from both teams.

Early in the the 4th quarter the Trojans would hold in the red zone twice to keep the Aztecs out of the end zone.

The scoring would then pick up with 3 minutes remaining , Roy Morfin would score on a 17 yard run to make it 27-7 Castle Park.

Then Montgomery would score on a 60 yard touchdown pass from Israel Dorame to Anthony Parra to make it 27-14 Trojans.

Castle Park would bounce right back with a 37 yard touchdown run by Jesus Ortega and a pick 6 by the Trojans to end the night.

The final 40-14. 


In the Week 10 Halloween edition of the PPR, the Trojans of Castle Park travel to Montgomery, home of the Aztecs. 

The Trojans are looking to seal their second Metro-South Bay championship with a win over Montgomery. 

Unfortunately for the Aztecs, this year has been a rough season as they got their first win of the season last week in an overtime win to beat the Southwest Raiders 23-16.

Montgomery has scored a total of 56 points and while their defense has aloud 271 points. 

On the other hand Castle Park is 4-3 on the season and coming off a 34-0 win over the San Ysidro Cougars. 

The Trojans defense has aloud 124 points, that’s an average of 15.5 per game.

Their offense has scored 161 points on the season. 

Castle Park will depend on their senior leaders, quarterback Angelo Trujillo, wideout Luqman Barcoo, and running back Miguel Flores. 

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