Mount Miguel 15, Chula Vista 6

Mount Miguel finds redemption. In week 2 of 2017 prep football, the Chula Vista Spartans traveled to Spring Valley and took on the Mount Miguel Matadors. Both teams really needed a win as they both opened their 2017 seasons with unfortunate losses. The Matadors had lost to Morse with a final score of 26-19 while the Spartans lost to Lincoln with a final score of 54-20. Mount Miguel’s head coach Shaun McDade had stated that the loss to Morse had really motivated the team to improve and get a win. The game kicked off with Matadors’ quarterback Mugabee Miller throwing a 7 yard touchdown pass to Santino Pacheco. After some turnovers and going back and forth the Spartans made it onto the score board leaving a tie score at 6-6. The first half ended with the ball in Mount Miguel’s possession, however they were unable to score. The second half opened with more turnovers, but when the Matadors gained possession, Shemar Greene rushed for a 60 yard touchdown which definitely increased Matador spirit in the stands. When Mount Miguel gained possession once more, they were down at the Spartans’ 15 yard line and stayed there for quite some time as there were time outs being called, yellow flags being thrown, and so much chaos. Eventually the Matadors decided to go for a field goal and were successful in doing so, leaving the score 15-6. The Spartans were very close to scoring when they gained possession of the ball, they had even made it into Mount Miguel’s 1 yard line. However, the Matador defense really stepped up their game and were able to make a turnover on downs and go straight into victory formation. It was definitely a great defensive game for both teams, however the Matadors were able to redeem themselves and gain their first win of the season.


Week 2 of San Diego prep football is underway and this Friday head over to Mount Miguel High School and watch the Chula Vista Spartans(0-1) face the Mount Miguel Matadors(0-1).

The last time these two teams played against each other, Chula Vista took home a very close win with a final score of 35-30. Last week the Matadors had quite a nail-biter against Morse and they were so close, however Morse wound up sealing the win with a final score of 26-19. The Matadors’ quarterback, Mugabe Miller, threw for 208 total yards, rushed for 85 yards, and helped put up 18 points.

As for the Spartans, they faced the Lincoln Hornets last week and received an unfortunate loss with a final score of 54-20 in Lincoln’s favor. Last week, Darrion Hamilton, quarterback for the Spartans was only able to achieve a total of 29 passing yards and 42 rushing yards. The Spartans are currently ranked 4th in Division 4 while the Matadors are ranked 12th in Division 3. Due to last week’s performance from both teams, and team stats it truly is hard to tell what to expect from this game.

Catch the game this Friday, September 1st at 7:00 PM at Mount Miguel High School, and if you miss the game you could always see the highlights on KUSI at 10:30 PM. 

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