Castle Park Trojans 20, Clairemont Chieftains 0

Castle Park’s visit to Clairemont was successful on Friday night; they defeated the Chieftains 20-0.

The first quarter flew by. Both teams stuck to the run game to get the momentum going in their favor.

It worked for the Trojan’s. Running back Miguel Flores’ 15-yard run put Castle Park on the Clairemont two yard-line. On the next play, Flores scored with a two yard touchdown run. Castle Park led 7-0.

At the end of the first quarter, Anthony Navarro intercepted the Chieftains, but was unable to convert it into points.

It wasn’t long before Luqman Bacoo got in on the fun.

In the second quarter, Angelo Trujillo tossed a long pass to Barcoo. Barcoo caught it in the open field and took it to the end zone. After a failed 2-pt conversion, Trojans led 13-0.

The dynamic-duo of Trujillo-Barcoo wasn’t done yet.

This time, Trujillo threw a 48-yard pass to Barcoo, who was able to fall on the ball in the end zone. Castle Park extends the lead 20-0.

Although Trujillo and Barcoo finished the night with two touchdowns, it was the Trojan defense that was impressive. They were all over the field, intercepting the quarterback and tackling running backs before gaining any yards.

Next week, the Trojans will need to keep up the defensive effort, because they play Mater Dei Catholic (4-1).

Clairemont has a bye, but will face off against the Cavers the following week. 

PREVIEW: The Castle Park Trojans (2-2) will travel to Clairemont (3-2) this Friday to battle the Chieftains.

The Trojans will need to continue to improve on defense. It is a defensive unit that is dominated by veterans. Nine out of the 11 returning players play on the defensive side of the ball. They know what it takes to get the job done.

Clairemont’s offense hasn’t been explosive, until last week. The Chieftains put up 62 points against Handsworth, a team from British Columbia.

Although Clairemont has struggled in the passing game, it seems they have found success in the run game with running backs Nick Hascall, Dylan Irwin and Dylan Suitts.

Chieftains quarterback Nick DiCarlo must figure out a way to get the ball to his receivers to get the upper hand in this game.

Besides a Week 3 win against Santana (41-38), the Trojans haven’t been able to put many points on the board either.

Castle Park’s top threat is Luqman Barcoo. He’s an all-around athlete. He plays wide receiver and defensive back. What position he’s better at is still to be determined.

Trojan’s Coach Hans Graham believes his future lies in the secondary.

“He’ll tackle your butt. He’s got a nose for the ball and he brings it,” Graham said.

Will Graham’s Trojan’s win at home? Or will Clairemont improve to 4-2? Watch the highlights from this game and many more from around the county on PPR at 10:30 p.m.

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