Mission Bay Buccaneers 36, Clairemont Chieftains 7

The Mission Bay Buccaneers came out firing on all cylinders Friday night – rolling over the Clairemont Chieftains 36-7.

The Chieftains hung on tight in the first half. A late touchdown left them down 17-7 at the break. But it was all Buccaneers football from then on out.

Mission Bay is known for their dominant defense, and they showed that again Friday night by only allowing 7 points, and not many first downs. The defense also attributed to the scoreboard Friday. Jack Lashcheck picked up a fumble and took it 66 yards to the house. Eligha Lewis also found the endzone after he blocked a punt and was able to collect the ball and run it in just as the kicker tackled him.

The Bucs dominated on offense as well in the second half. On a screen pass, Niegel Harness-Anderson completely cleared a defender then hit the B button to spin off another on his way to a 74-yard touchdown. Unfortunately for his stat line, but not his highlight reel, the play was called back due to a block in the back that occurred away from the play. Cristian Zamudio had a big game passing the ball, and capped it off with a touchdown on the ground.

The Mission Bay Buccaneers improve to 4-0 on the season as the Clairemont Chieftains drop to 2-2.

Preview- As Friday night approaches, the Mission Bay Buccaneers prepare to head into Chieftains territory to face off against non-conference match up Clairemont.

Heading into Friday night the Buccaneers are comfortable with their undefeated 3-0 record and closest win-margin of 26-13, doubling their opponents score. Defense is clearly a strong suit for the Bucs. 13 points is the most they’ve allowed in a single game so far this season, as each of their first three opponents scored only 13 points.

The Clairemont Chieftains have a 2-1 record early in the season and are coming off of a well-fought victory last week. The Chieftains, in a non-conference away game, beat the Montgomery Aztecs 27-26 in overtime. They’ve had a rough time in the air so far this season, but have found some success on the ground, with senior running backs Nick Hascall and Dylan Irwin carrying most of the workload. Friday night they’ll need to show versatility and look to find some sort of passing game as they face a tough Buccaneers defense.

The game starts at 7:00 p.m. Friday at Clairemont. Be sure to tune in to KUSI TV at 10:30 p.m. Friday night for highlights of this game and all others, on the Prep Pigskin Report.

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