Corvette Diner Alarm Clock Pep Rally Game: La Jolla Vikings 28, Mar Vista Mariners 0

Despite the small crowd for the holiday weekend, Mar Vista and La Jolla both came out hungry and ready to play for the next round of Divison III playoffs.

Both teams went back and forth interceptions, sacks, flags flying everywhere until almost the end of the 2nd quarter.  That is when La Jolla struck first off of a pass from Trevor Scully to Jonathan O’Neal to put the Vikings up 7-0.  

As much as Mar Vista tried to make a comeback the odds were not in their favor as La Jolla just kept scoring after halftime to seal their first round victory with a final score of 28-0 and move forward to the next round of the playoffs. 

They will look to face Santa Fe Christian next Friday night, and as of right now the location is looking like it will be at Torrey Pines High School.  Game will be at 7 p.m. and as always if you cannot make it out tune into the PPR on KUSI at 10:30 for all the highlights of the 22 playoff games next week.  

Preview: The Mar Vista Mariners (5-5) are headed to La Jolla to take on the La Jolla Vikings (5-5) in the quarterfinals of the Division III CIF playoffs.  Both teams have the same record and are looking to make it to the next round where the winner will face Santa Fe Christian on the road for the semifinals. 

Mar Vista, under head coach Tyler Arciaga ended their regular season a little rocky with three straight losses, but managed to still gain a playoff berth.  The Mariners will need to be ready to combat the Vikings offense in order to continue their playoff run and Santa Fe Christian next week. 

The La Jolla Viking under head coach Tyler Roach finished with a loss but previously had a winning streak going so will most likely be hungry for a victory and to continue their playoff round as well.

Statistics wise, La Jolla has had about 41 touchdowns this season while Mar Vista has 30, so they may have a little bit of an advantage based on stats alone.  But, you never know with football and so this game is bound to be a good one. 

If you don’t have the chance to go out to a game you can follow us on @redjacketarmy on twitter and Instagram for live updates during the game or tune in at 10:30 on the Prep Pigskin Report.  

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