Coronado Islanders 20, El Cajon Valley Braves 7

The El Cajon Valley Braves put up their best efforts against the Coronado Islanders, yet fell short of a victory Friday, November 6th. Upon kickoff, an onside kick resulted in the Braves recovering, only to fumble on the first play. The ball was picked up by senior Islander Alejandro Carrera, who ran it 40-yards into the endzone, allowing the Islanders to pull ahead 7-0 within minutes of the first quarter.

With a couple interceptions on both sides to follow, the Braves finally put points on the board before the half when Tyson Smith scored on a 42-yard run. The game tied, with 1:17 left in the first half, the Islanders secured the lead when Christopher Haas finished a long drive with a 7-yard run into the endzone.

The score was 14-7 going into the half, and Coronado continued to celebrate Senior Night by acknowledging the senior cheerleaders with flowers midfield – an announcement made for the varsity football seniors before the game started.

Back on the field in the third quarter, both teams held their ground firmly. It wasn’t until the fourth quarter when the last and final touchdown happened: Coronado quarterback Briley Knight threw a 30-yard pass to senior running back Luke King, bumping the final score up to 20-7. Although the point after touchdown was blocked, the Islanders walked away the victor over the Braves.

Preview: The El Cajon Valley Braves are getting their fair share of island fever as they voyage over the bridge to take on the Coronado High Islanders this Friday, November 6th at 7pm. Although both teams currently stand at 5-4, this particular match-up happens to be a non-conference game. That being said, the showdown will either help or hinder the other – if not just in morale.

After a devastating 35-0 loss last week to the Granite Hills Eagles, it’s clear that El Cajon Valley needs to step up their away ‘A-game’ significantly. This is going to be especially difficult due to not only having another consecutive week travel, but also battling Coronado’s recent boost of confidence from their 34-22 win over San Diego last Friday. Considering both teams have equal passing and rushing yardage per game, this Friday is going to be an excellent example of athleticism and competition. All the Braves have to do now is leave the past behind them.

The festive Coronado Islanders are also celebrating Senior Night, where seniors on both the cheer and football team are honored midfield with their parents – both before the game and at halftime. Be sure to catch these highlights and more on the Prep Pigskin Report, Friday at 10:30!

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