Helix Highlanders 35, Herriman Mustangs 0

When you have the faster corner-back in the nation (Isaac Taylor-Stuart) who transfer from St. Augustine, the other corner – also consider one of the best – you may bet, he may have a good day. Plus, throw a pitch of a Q.B. UC Davis bound (Carson Baker) and you may have an outstanding day!

Do the Helix Highlanders had the curse of the first game of the season to be taken by a Utah invader like last year on their own turf? NOT AT ALL!

Rashad Scott started it with a 30 yard touchdown return putting Helix ahead 7-0. Then, another pick by Scott paved the way for a resulting team drive that saw him take a one yard touchdown catch setup from Carson Baker. Helix was ahead 14-0 at this time.

Then a 48yard pass in the second quarter from Carson Baker to Isaac Taylor-Stuart set up yet another three yards touchdown to make the game 21-0. So Scott didn’t want to feel behind, so he manage to get his third interception of the game.

Now, with the Scotties in control of the game; another 48 yards pass was completed and was followed with a three yard rushing touchdown putting the Highlanders 28-0 and walking into a real blow out of the Mustangs.

 Finally, Carson Baker made one more run an manage to throw a 33 yard pass with a six yard rushing touchdown that leaded the Scotties to a blowout of 35-0 against the Mustangs. But, Rashad Scott wasn’t done yet and manage to get his fourth interception of the night despite he had a 30 yard punt return turn back.

At the end, and when all the battle smoke clear it was all Helix with a dominated win of 35-0 over the Herriman Mustangs.

Carson Baker when 15 for 17 with 246 yards thrown and 24 rushing yards, while Rashad Scott ended up with 5 tackles, 4 interceptions, 16 yards receiving, and 2 TD’s.

Final score, 35-0; Helix Highlanders (1-0) to Herriman Mustangs (0-2).  


The much anticipate it first week of San Diego’s High School Football is here!

The Helix Highlanders have the reputation of a well-built winning foundation and this year there is no exception.

With a 10-3 record last year and coach Owens commanding his second year with the Scotties, the Highlanders take on the Herriman Mustangs (0-1) from West Herriman, Utah. The Mustangs rank fifteen place in state and they are hungry for a win after their opening was dropped 26-13 against the Lone Peak Knights.

Despite two big losses of Division 1 superstars to graduation, one been Rashad Scott who committed to San Diego State University (SDSU) the Highlanders have also gain a player who over the summer has proven to be the fastest high school player in the nation.

Senior Issac Taylor-Stuart is one of the outstanding and brightest star who transfer from St. Augustine and rushed for 645 yards and 7 touchdowns for the Saints last season. Not to mention he was named to the All-San Diego CIF first team defense making him one of the most highly recruited players ever to play at an East County schools.

Helix loss last season opener to another Utah Limey, so this year they will try to change that hosting Herriman.      

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