Hilltop Lancers 26, Escondido Cougars 23

Last night’s game featuring the Hilltop Lancers and Escondido Cougars was not meant for the faint of heart. With both teams entering the night with a 2-3 overall record, one team was able to successfully walk away with an even record. The final score, although close represents a game filled with blood, sweat and touchdowns. With the Lancers taking home the week 6 win, 26-23, the Cougars still rallied together for a game worth highlighting.

With the first half of the game missing double digit running and passing plays, there were touchdown teases that deserved some recognition. In the 1st, the Lancers wide receiver, Dylan McCoy pulled through a solid 18yd run that setup his quarterback, Daniel McPherren for a 6yd touchdown run. McPherren also initiated a 4yd touchdown run within the next couple of plays. In the first half of this game, the Lancer’s were heading towards a blowout game… or so they thought.

The second half of the game delivered brutal yet electric momentum. With the Lancer’s walking into the 3rd quarter with a 19-7 lead, Hilltop fans were thinking that this half could be easier then the last. That is, until Cougar’s quarter back, Robbie Ramos Jr. set teammates Wesley Huizar and Victor Seneres up for two incredible touchdown plays this game saw all night. Huizar took his 23yd pass straight to the end zone while Seneres took his 80yd pass and run in the same direction. With both plays a complete success and 2, 2-point conversions good, the Cougar’s were able to rally up 23 points with little time left on the clock.

With the Hilltop Lancer’s sealing the deal in tonight’s matchup, the Escondido Cougar’s ultimately proved that playing with heart is just as important as playing with your hands. We look forward to seeing where both teams go this season.

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PREVIEW: We’d like to welcome you into the 6th week of San Diego high school football. In this week’s North County matchup, we present the Hilltop Lancers (2-3) vs. the Escondido Cougars (2-3). With both teams holding identical overall records, this week’s game will even out the one of their records.

The Cougars head coach, Jud Bordman, holds a couple of key players on his roster this season. Senior runningback Kevin Nunez and Freshman quarterback Robbie Ramos Jr. Ramos Jr. is the first freshman quarterback to start on Varsity at Escondido in over a century. Ramos Jr. is breaking barriers and exceeding expectations with every game he’s played and we expect this week’s matchup to be no different.

As for the Hilltop Lancers, the team heads into Friday with an impressive win against Castle Park under their belt. Hilltop crushed their opponents last week 50-14. Hilltops head coach Andrew Westling, enters his second season with the Lancers.

With both teams entering this week’s matchup with a fair shot at victory, only under the Friday night-lights will we know who comes out on top. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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