Grossmont Foothillers 34, Hilltop Lancers 13

The Grossmont Foothillers (3-0) traveled to the school on top of the hill with a single goal in mind, maintain the streak. The Foothillers achieved their goal by defeating the (2-2) Hilltop Lancers, 34-13. Although the Lancers came up short, they did not go down without putting up a fight!

I should make it clear that the first half of the ball game was a good ol’ fashion slobber knocker. The bulk of all the points occurred during this time frame. The Foothillers messed with all of our emotions as running back Jake Harr nearly scored during Grossmont’s first play of the game, but was rejected after a penalty occurred in the backfield. After a few minutes, Jared Redfield passed to Kyle Pineda for a 19 yard touchdown.

The game would not remain 7-0 for very long as the Lancers replied with a strong left hook. That punch was powered by Lancer running back, Guy “Dylan” Trenga. Trenga cashed in a 19 yard run for a touchdown. The six points demonstrated to Grossmont that Lancer pride will not be easily broken. The score of 7-6, with the Foothillers in the lead, did not last long as Lancer quarterback Alejandro Tejeda scampered 19 yards into the end zone himself allowing the Lancers to lead 13-7.

The 2nd quarter hosted two +80 yard touchdowns accomplished by Grossmont. Gaines took Pineda to “Gaines City” with an 80 yard pass for the first touchdown. The second ensued during a punt return. Finally, Khaleed Davis made himself known during the game as he recovered a punt and took it all the way home for a touchdown. Halftime fell upon us with the score static at 20-13, Grossmont.

As I predicted in my preview earlier in the week, Khaleed Davis gave the crowd an aerial spectacle rivaling the Miramar Air Show. He hitched a ride to “Gaines City” twice. The first touchdown resulted from a 37 yard pass and the second for 2 yards less; both receptions thrown by Hunter Gaines.

The Lancers deserve respect for the way they gave Grossmont a run for their money. Perhaps the same drive will lead them to success versus Bishop’s (2-1) next week. Yet, Grossmont will attempt to keep the streak alive in Week 5 against the Lincoln Hornets (2-2). 

PREVIEW: Week 4 presents an interesting match-up between two cross town schools. The Grossmont Foothillers (2-0) will travel to the home of the Hilltop Lancers (2-1). Hilltop promises to redeem themselves from the debilitating defeat they suffered by the hands of Grossmont last year. On the other hand, Grossmont has no plans on allowing Hilltop to escape their grasp.

Coming off of a bye week, the Foothillers are walking into Friday well rested and trained. Grossmont managed to defeat Morse and Otay Ranch; they plan on sustaining an undefeated record as long as possible.

The quarterback duo, consisting of Senior Jared Redfield and Junior Hunter Gaines, proves to be a threat to the Lancers. In the game against Otay, the quarterbacks passed for a total of 269 yards. Over half of the passing yards were received by Senior Khaleed Davis. The Lancers must be able to contain Davis and pressure Redfield and Gaines in order to subdue the aerial danger.

Sitting in Coach Roelof’s classroom is the Kiwanis Bowl trophy. The trophy was awarded to the Lancers after an exhilarating win over the Chula Vista Spartans last week. Senior receiver Luis Hernandez played a key role in defeating the Spartans, receiving a total of 178 yards.

The competition between Khaleed Davis and Luis Hernandez should attest to be a sensational air show. It is guaranteed that the highlights on PPR Friday night will have at least one big play from one of these two athletes.

Don’t miss any of the action and tune into the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 PM. 

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