Santa Fe Christian Eagles 63, Horizon Panthers 20

A sunny afternoon and the Eagles were soaring high.  The Horizon Panthers (3-4) headed to Santa Fe Christian (5-2) for a Coastal League matchup. What is normally a great matchup may have been a bit different this year as the Eagles continue their winning streak with 3.

Today was a little different than any other home game at Santa Fe Christian.  You would have noticed a logo on the home side with “WW” in the middle and see the players as well as coaching staff wear socks with the same letters as the logo.

About 7 years ago, Will Wardrip passed away from a car accident.  He was a former SFC player who always had a smile on his face.  SFC honored Wardrip with changes to their game day attire and field presentation with the “WW.” Though it’s been 7 years, the Santa Fe Christian community always continue to Remember the Smile.

In the first quarter, the Santa Fe Christian Eagles flew across the field as Conner Whitton launched the ball 65 yards to Jeff Linguadoca making the score 7-0 after the extra point.  Santa Fe Christian fans normally see Whitton using that mighty arm of his; however, the touchdown pass to Linguadoca was his only one of the night, which meant big plays on the ground.

Next series in the first quarter, Whitton hands the ball off to Hank Ontiveros for a 16-yard touchdown. Santa Fe Christian would score once more before the end of the first quarter as Demitri Washington runs into the end zone for a 37-yard touchdown. 

In the second quarter, Horizon’s offense starts to get their offense rolling.  Artyom Harr would run for 34 yards.  But the Panthers can’t catch a break.  The offense would get an illegal motion call and then get intercepted at the 15-yard line.

Santa Fe Christian soared away into the sunny sky as they led 49-0 at halftime.  Reflecting on the first half, SFC were dominating the running game.  However, the Horizon Panthers made some excellent stops to make SFC work a little harder.  Horizon’s Harr made a good portion of these stops. 

As the clock ticked away, the Horizon Panthers never gave up and powered through the SFC defense to get on the board with 20 points.

 The SFC Eagles are soaring high into next week’s matchup as they host Francis Parker (2-6).  Meanwhile, Horizon will travel to La Jolla Country Day (6-2) as the Torreys celebrate their seniors. 

PREVIEW: The Horizon Panthers (3-4) meet the Santa Fe Christian Eagles (5-2) for a Coastal League matchup this Friday Night.  Both football teams are tied in the league with a 1-1 record and looking forward to a win to set them apart.  Kickoff is slated for an early one at 3 p.m. 

The Santa Fe Christian Eagles look to continue their current winning streak of two games to three with their outstanding seniors on offense.  In terms of rushing, Senior Hank Ontivero’s has 4 rushing touchdowns and has accumulated 399 total rushing yards.  Senior quarterback Conner Whitton has a total of 497 total passing yards where most of those passes are being thrown to Seniors Matthew Mcroskey and Caleb Phillips. 

Though offense gets points on the board, defense wins games.  The Eagles’ defensive lineman, Bryce Thompson, currently has a total of 15 solo tackles.  Head Coach Jon Wallace says, “[Thompson] has been a great contributor to our defense.”  Fans, be on the look out for these Eagles!

The Horizon Panthers aren’t afraid to air it out and get their offense rolling either!  Junior quarterback D’Artgnan Van Dusen has racked up a total of 1,181 passing yards with 11 passing touchdowns.  One of his favorite go-to teammates is Thomas Marcus, who is also in his junior year.  Though Marcus has accumulated 377 total receiving yards, he also takes snaps as well. 

The Red Jackets are ready for another week of football and we hope you are too.  Be sure to follow us on social media and of course catch the show starting at 10:30 p.m. every Friday night! 

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