Kearny Komets 34, Clairemont Chieftains 21

Conference games often call for some good football and this game was no exception!  In a match up where the scores could’ve been as lop-sided as the football itself, both teams played their hearts out, making this anything but one sided.  The Kearny Kometss, now 7-1, got the win on the road as the Clairemont Chieftains’ record falls to 4-4. 

Although suffering their first loss at home this season, Clairemont High’s Chieftains put the pressure on the opposition.  The Chieftains took an early lead thanks to a 30 yard toss from Griffin Catarius to Jayden Cruz, starting it off 7-0 (PAT good).  Not long after, the Komets answered back with a 45 yard touchdown pass from Kenyon Williams to Havden Lundy, however, the point after attempt was blocked, leaving Kearny down by one point. 

There was no better way to start the second quarter than with a little razzle-dazzle, and Clairemont did just that.  Back up quarter back Ryan Christensen took the snap on this play, who pitched the ball back to WR Indiana Brown, who then dumped it off to Jay Rensfield for a 32 yard touchdown spectacle.  Kearny tied it up 14-14 in the same quarter with a 30 yard Williams to Jones touchdown, followed by a successful two point conversion. 

The brief stalemate was broken when Komets play maker Devon Jones made his way into the end zone for the second time tonight, breaking the sound barrier with a leveling hit to Chieftains DB Kohl Rich.  Ryan Christensen personally delivered the ball 21 yards for 6 points with just a few seconds left on the clock in the second quarter.  Another successful 2-point conversion made it a 28-14 Komets lead going into the half.  The Kearny Komets went on to win 34-21, bouncing back from their first loss last week, and moving their division record to 2-1. 

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PREVIEW: This Friday, October 20th, the blazing Kearny High Komets touch down in Clairemont against the Chieftains on Clairemont territory.  This is a Conference game in the Central Football League.  

Now six wins and one loss, after falling to the undefeated San Diego Cavers last week, the Kearny Komets have high hopes as they take on the Chieftains (4-3).  Currently, Clairemont and Kearny High each have one win and one loss in the Central League standings.  

Kearny’s 6-1 record represents a solid team that produces high scoring games, racks up big yardage and has an effective defense to back it all up.  With the exception of San Diego High, the Komets have won every game with a substantially padded lead.  It is not an easy task to stop any talented Running Back, but when you have someone like Kearny Senior Brenton Bell running the ball, the Chieftains’ defense had better be at the top of their game this Friday.  

The Clairemont Chieftains boast a 2-0 record for home games which no doubt gives hope to fans that their team might pull off a conference win.  With the regular season coming to a close in a few weeks, it is time for both teams to apply what they’ve learned and put forth their best efforts.

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