La Jolla Vikings 44, Kearny Komets 18

Fridays game between the Kearny Komets and the La Jolla Vikings turned out to be “One of those nights” for both teams. For La Jolla, it was one of those nights where everything was clicking and the team gradually got better as the night went on. For Kearny, it was one of those nights where not much was going their way and every time the Komets tried to get going something would go wrong.

A few hours before kick-off, I had a chance to speak with La Jolla’s Head Coach Tyler Roach and ask him about what Friday’s game meant to the Vikings. Roach stated “This is a very important game with playoff implications. We need to win tonight so that we can improve our standing, it would be great to have a playoff game at home this year.” When I mentioned the quality of opponent to Roach he responded by saying “We know they have a lot of wins and we know that they are a tough opponent, but we’ve been working hard all week and ready to play. We’ve got something for you, it’s going to be a good one (game).” Apparently, that “something” was Trevor Scully.

To say that Trevor Scully had himself a night would be an understatement. Saying that he had a great game, might still be an understatement. Scully came out on Friday night and turned in an absolute gem of a game. From the opening drive, he got his teammates involved and lead them every time he took the field. If he wasn’t passing the ball he was running with it, and as he successfully did both he set a pace that proved to be too much for Kearny to handle. La Jolla’s Quarterback would finish the night with five touchdowns (four passing, one rushing) and over two hundred and fifty passing yards. La Jolla’s defense would match Scully’s intensity with a dominant performance of their own. Outstanding performances on both offense and defense would have the Vikings winning the game by a finals score of 44-18.

For the Kearny Komets Friday’s game is one they’d be better off forgetting as soon as possible. Credit La Jolla for their outstanding performance on both offense and defense, but the Komets were certainly no help to their own cause. On top of having to deal with a Vikings teams that came ready to ball, the Komets also had to deal with a ton of self-inflicted mistakes. Bad snaps, negative yardage and turnovers ended several drives that could have resulted in points for the Komets. Fortunately for Kearny’s squad no matter how bad the game was, it still goes in the record books as only one loss. The Komets will have a week to regroup and make the necessary adjustments to avoid a repeat in Week 11.

The Kearny Komets will be looking to bounce back in Week 11 against the (6-3) Crawford Colts, who have also lost two of their last three games. Unfortunately, this means one team will have to wrap up the season having lost three out of their last four games. On the other hand, the La Jolla Vikings will be looking for their fifth straight win when they take on the (8-1) University City Centurions. Although University City will prove to be a tough opponent, it is hard to count the Vikings out of any contest, especially with the way they have been playing recently. Both games are scheduled to take place Friday, November 3rd at 6:30 P.M.

PREVIEW: As the battle for playoff positioning intensifies during Week 10, the La Jolla Vikings will prepare for one of the biggest challenges of their season, as they host the Kearny Komets this Friday.

La Jolla’s squad has a tall task standing in front of them, fortunately they are riding a wave of momentum that can serve them well as they prepare to take on a foe that has only lost once this season. The Vikings are currently on a three-game win streak in which they have combined for one hundred and twenty-nine points, and have only allowed at total of fifty points from their opponents. They are exhibiting some of their best offense of the season while also doing enough on defense to keep themselves on the winning column. For the Vikings to make it four straight wins, they will need to continue their success on offense and come up with defensive stops in order to limit the points coming from the Komets.

The task for the Vikings may be easier said than done, as the Kearny Komets have been on a blistering offensive pace. Their lowest offensive output came during their Week 8 matchup against the San Diego Cavers when they were held to only a single touchdown. Remove Kearny’s Week 8 “blunder” and you have a seemingly unbeatable team with a tandem to be feared. Quarterback Kenyon Williams and running back Brenton Bell have combined for thirty-one touchdowns this season, an accomplishment that should warrant attention to detail from any defense. If the Komets’ offense can produce another efficient offensive performance (which they have for seven of their eight games) then Friday could prove to be a very long night for the La Jolla Vikings.

Kick-off takes place 6:30 P.M. Friday at La Jolla High School. For postgame coverage, don’t forget to watch the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30 P.M. where you’ll see all the latest team news and highlights. Also, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter @KUSIPPR and @RedJacketArmy for live updates and all kinds of PPR exclusives. 

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