Get a win in 1 minute La Jolla, Crusaders can do it in 14 Seconds

Never count the South Bay out of some exciting Friday night football! Mater Dei won their second game of the season on homecoming night, what a way to welcome back alumni! The Crusaders battled it out taking the 30-28 win over the La Jolla Vikings.

First half of the game was an uphill battle for both teams as they both proved to be worthy competitors. The Crusaders started off with the hunger to win, they opened the scoreboard making it 6-0 Mater Dei. Six points was not enough for the team. After a beautiful run by Shaun Jones, leaving them at the 3-yard line Quarterback Cameron Smith runs the ball in for a 2-yard touchdown. Crusaders take the lead 13-0.

In the second quarter the Vikings responded with an early touchdown by Quarterback Trevor Scully, 13-7 La Jolla. They were not messing around, moments later Trevor Scully threw a 30-yard pass to Gabe Solis for a touchdown. 14-13 the Vikings take the lead!

The Crusaders refused to be trampled on by the Vikings! After being tackled and pushed around Mater Dei responded 7 more points. Aiden Calvert spun, juked and ran his was toward a touchdown making the score 20-14 Crusaders.

Third quarter left no room for surprises both teams wanted points on their scoreboard. Late in the quarter Cameron Smith runs 9-yards for a touchdown giving the Crusaders a 27-14 lead. When it seemed that Mater Dei had the win within arms reach La Jolla responds in the fourth quarter of the game. With less than 2 minutes remaining La Jolla pushes through to make the score 28-27. The Vikings were incredibly close in snubbing the last minute win. With less than 14.2 seconds to go it the game the winning play came down to a field goal. The game rested on the shoulders of Andres Septien, he became the hero of the night making the 3-point field goal and giving the Crusaders the 30-18 win. 

PREVIEW: Four weeks of high school football have gone by within a blink of an eye. It only means that each Friday night there is more on the line, more to prove, and the adrenaline to win. Week 5 will be without disappointment, two teams, tough losses, and the eagerness to get a W on their record sets the stage for La Jolla at Mater Dei this Friday Sept. 23 at 7 p.m.

As fans we can never count La Jolla out of a phenomenal performance! The Vikings have the precise tactical elements to get touchdowns on the scoreboard. Running back Zachary Garcia averages 46 Yards Per Game while Wide receiver Gabe Solis averages 4 Points Per Game. With Zachary and Gabe on the offense the touchdown opportunities are limitless. Quarterback Trevor Scully will be essential in the air and on the ground. He averages 210 Passing Yards Per Game and 243 Total Yards Per Game. Captain and Tight end Tucker Jacobs’s physicality contributes to the team by unleashing his seasonal average of 8 Tackles Per Game, preventing the opponents from taking them down.

In the last four games it can be seen that Crusader Hector Torres sets to take down anyone in his path. Statistically he makes 10 Tackles Per Game, Hector will be a force to be reckoned with this Friday. 

Both teams are going into Week 5 with a tough loss on their shoulders. Visiting team, the La Jolla Vikings took a tough hit falling to Santa Fe Christian 58-14, leaving them with a 1-3 record. The Mater Dei Crusaders had a similar strike of bad luck; a tough loss to Mission Hills 56-7 put the Crusaders at 1-2 record.

Last year’s matchup Mater Dei took the win over La Jolla 48-7, will they be able to repeat history or will La Jolla surprise them with an upset?

La Jolla Vikings vs. Mater Dei Crusaders is set for 7 p.m. at Mater Dei Catholic High School. Tune into the PPR on KUSI every Friday at 10:30 p.m. for highlights, scores, and so much more. For updates on all games follow us on Twitter and Instagram @KUSIPPR @RedJacketArmy! Search for the #KUSIonPPR hash tag for pictures and statuses

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