Maranatha Eagles 26, Tri-City Christian Eagles 20

Friday night was for the birds, the Maranatha Eagles faced the Tri-City Christian Eagles at Tri-City Christian High School. Last week Maranatha defeated their Pacific League competitors Army/Navy. Clearly that game gave the Eagles a pocketful of confidence because Maranatha proudly walked away from the Friday night-lights with close, but not close enough 26-20 victory.

With two games to cover tonight, Tri-City and Maranatha was our final stop. After walking into the game as halftime ended, the scoreboard read 14-20 in Maranatha’s favor. In the second half of this Eagle on Eagle game, Tri-City Christians, Christian Salibo raked in a 70yd run. Salibo then goes on to complete an 11yd touchdown run. PAT no good, score 20-20. Tri-City Running back, Roman Gonzalez snags 37yds up the middle but before his team can take advantage of his setup play, Maranatha’s Josh Allen recovers the fumble. Maranatha tactfully runs the clock. Game over.

Maranatha Christian high school come out on top leaving week 9 with a 26-20 win. As always we look forward to next week’s matchup. For full recaps on Friday night games tune into the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday at 10:30pm. We’re your one stop shop for highlights, scores and so much more! Stay connected- follow our PPR Twitter @KUSIPPR and Instagram (@kusippr).

PREVIEW: The Prep Pigskin Report welcomes you into the 9th consecutive week of high school football. With the regular season halfway finished, this week’s lineup is just as exciting as the previous weeks. We’ll see the Tri-City Christian Eagles (4-3) take on the Maranatha Christian Eagles (4-2). Tri-City Christian will host the their fellow Eagles on their home turf this Friday at 7pm.

Last week, with the help of freshman corner back, Trey Blackford and junior wide receiver, Christian Salibo, Tri-City Christian was able to take home a big win against Escondido Charter, 49-8. Blackford intercepted 2 plays against Escondido Charter that led him to two scores.

Maranatha also enters this week with an exciting win from week 8. The Eagles defeated their Pacific League Rivals, Army/Navy 20-13. Players to pay homage to for that victory are senior running back, Josh Cheigh and junior quarterback, Nick Glenn. In 5 games, Glenn has thrown 872 yards and is responsible for 11 touchdowns.

Fellow Red Jacket, Nick Pollino said it best in his recap of Tri-City last week, “we’ll see which flock of Eagles will fly higher as both teams currently sit at the top of the Pacific League Standings”. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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