West Hills Wolf Pack 21, Mission Bay Buccaneers 14

The Wolf Pack escaped the Buccaneers’ wrath by a small margin in Week 3. West Hills (2-1) defeated Mission Bay (1-2) in their first home game of the season. The final score, 21-14.

Home field advantage played an important role tonight. There’s nothing like the Black and Blue Crew’s excitement under Friday night lights. The Wolf Pack quickly introduced themselves to the Bucs after running back Jovan Bea scored the first touchdown of the night, 7-0 West Hills.

Although this was his only touchdown of the night, Bea rushed about 103 yards by the end of the game. When West Hills found themselves in a sticky situation, they never doubted to give the ball to Bea or Guinn. Bea’s teammate, running back Griffin “MOOSE” Guinn, made himself known by bulldozing through the defense. There was no stopping the big man.

Mission Bay’s Kenyon Sims answered to West Hill’s running game by showcasing his own. Sims was a vital part of every strong, consistent offensive drive Mission Bay accomplished. Sims rushed for about 66 yards and earned 1 touchdown tying the game at 7-7.  

Starting in the 3rd quarter, nerves began to run rampant. Mission Bay scored another touchdown, leading the Wolf Pack 14-7. Later in the quarter, West Hills quarterback Hayden Roach found himself scrambling in the back field shaking off two defenders. Roach was able to find Tyler Wilson for an 18-yard touchdown reception, tying the game at 14.

The Wolf Pack managed to complete another touchdown late in the 4th quarter, 21-14 West Hills. Mission Bay found themselves scratching and clawing when they faced 4th down and inches on the 45-yard line with 1:16 left on the clock. Unfortunately, they were not able to keep themselves alive.

Both teams should be proud of tonight’s game. Each of them played with heart and vigor. Find more games like these on the Prep Pigskin Report every Friday night at 10:30 PM.


Week 3 of San Diego prep football features the Mission Bay Buccaneers (1-1) traveling east to battle the West Hills Wolf Pack (1-1). This will be the third time the two teams have played against each other with each holding a win. Which team will leave Friday night leading the rivalry?

Mission Bay is recovering from a tough loss, losing only by a single point. That one point will surely light a fire in the Buccaneers in anticipation for Friday. Their offense, led by quarterback Jaiden Correia, knows exactly how to move the ball down the field. The offense’s explosive nature was exemplified last week when Correia successfully threw two touchdowns within the first quarter. There are plenty of talented receivers to choose from such as Charles Hicks, Marcus Nickerson, Keyon Holiday, and others.

West Hills is coming off a white hot win over their neighborhood rival, Santana. The confidence gained from winning the Mayor’s Cup is the kind of momentum they need to beat the 2015 D3 runner-up CIF champs. The fact that this will be West Hills first home game of the season will be another advantage over the Bucs. It will be interesting watching the Wolf Pack’s veteran offense compete against the Bucs’ offense. Ultimately, the one that comes out on top will depend on the power and ability of the offensive line. So watch closely at the line of scrimmage.

Highlights of this game, along with all the others, can be seen on the Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30 pm on Friday night. 

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