Preview: Montgomery vs. Clairemont

The (0-2) Clairemont Chieftains will welcome the (1-1) Montgomery Aztecs this coming Friday at 7 p.m. and attempt to have their first win at home. Week 3 of San Diego high school football offers an opportunity for both teams to gain momentum for this season.

Unfortunately, the Clairemont Chieftains have suffered two losses and have not been able to score. Both games, against (2-0) Bishop’s Knights and (1-1) Mar Vista Mariners, have culminated in the Chieftains being blown out. According to the old saying, “Third time’s the charm,” the Chieftains are determined to score their first touchdown and ultimately win the game against the Aztecs. Although it’s Joseph Kim’s first year as head coach, it’s apparent that there’s still a lot to work on. The offense needs to work as a unified system to defeat the Montgomery Aztecs.

The Aztecs faced the (1-1) El Cajon Valley Braves last week ending in a close game; Braves only winning by a touchdown. In Week 1, the Aztecs virtually had a scrimmage against a team from Tijuana, Baja California, Mexico. As expected, Montgomery came out on top. Friday will be a night for each team to improve their skills to prepare for the rest of the season. But just like every Friday night at a high school football game it’s guaranteed you’ll see a PPR red jacket among the crowd catching all the action!

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