Orange Glen Patriots 34, Tri-City Christian Eagles 25


Week 10 of prep football is now in the books. Tonight, Orange Glen hosed the Tri-City Christian Eagles as they celebrated Senior Night. Parents, teachers, coaches, and family joined together to honor their graduating athletes, dancers, and band members. To top off the night for Orange Glen, the Patriots defeated Tri-City Christian 34-25.

Earlier in this week’s preview we wrote, “…if the Patriots can establish any kind of early lead, the running game comes out in abundance.” Keyword: IF. Cael Patterson kicked off that early lead for Orange Glen as he returned the ball 98 yards the very first play of the game.

After that quick touchdown run, Tri-City Eagles had not just yet shaken off their pre-game jitters as their quarterback got sacked by Patriot defense of the first play of the drive. That sack put them back right where they needed to be as QB Kiah Reed delivers a sweet touchdown pass. To end their first half, TC scored a field goal to boost their score.

Cael Patterson however, showed no signs of stopping each time he was on the field. Patterson returned the ball yet again in the first quarter for 42 yards. This in turn, allowed for him to score his second touchdown of the night in the following play. Senior Captain Christian Torres ran the Patriot ball back for 60-yards as he scored his last home-touchdown of his high school career late in the first half.

To begin the second half, Moray Steward brought in another six points for Orange Glen as he ran 31 yards into the end-zone.

Tri-City did not back down as they kept running the ball in efforts to score. In the first Eagle possession of the second half, Landon Navarro rushed for a combined total of 42 yards, setting up his team to be in a better position to score. Noah Reitmeyer caught a 35 yard pass from his quarterback but was not able to score. No worries for Tri-City, quarterback Kiah Reed had no trouble scoring the 1 yard touchdown bringing the score closer to victory for the Eagles.

You didn’t forget about Orange Glen’s Cael Patterson now, did you? Though later in the game, Patterson was far from finished. In the fourth quarter, a reverse play was executed as Patterson handed the ball off to Moray Steward who rushed it for 18 yards. 4th down with 9 yards to go on the 38 yard line , the Patriot offense gets ready to punt the ball away. Or so everyone thought. The play ends up being a fake punt as Cael Patterson yet again scores a touchdown, this one being from 38 yards out.

Tri-City desperately tries to come back from their 15 point deficit, Kiah Reed yet again finds Noah Reitmeyer for a 14 yard touchdown pass. Sadly, the Eagles fall just short to the Patriots in the end.

With the playoffs within reach, this inter-league match-up made for a great night of football. Next week, The Tri-City Christian Eagles will hit the road to take on the Army-Navy in Carlsbad. The Orange Glen Patriots will also be away as they play against Santa Fe Christian in week 11.

As always, catch all the highlights and final score for all games around San Diego County on KUSI’s Prep Pigskin Report, Friday Night at 11 p.m.


The stuffy nights of mid-August that heralded the beginning of the CIF football season have been left behind.

Football fans bundle up and head out into the cool autumn nights to support their friends and family under these Friday night lights.

Homecoming at many schools has already occurred. All signs point to the resolution of yet another season, and Week Ten will serve as just another milestone on the way to playoffs.

For many teams in San Diego, this week will be a litmus test for the preparation of the teams for post-season play, and one great example will be the inter-league matchup between the host Orange Glen Patriots (5-2) and the Tri-City Christian Eagles (7-1).

TCC was one of the few teams in the county that actually registered a result last week after a freak lightning storm wiped out almost every game. Even then, it required the game to be resumed Saturday afternoon at 2 p.m.

Senior Night might have been a soggy affair for the Eagles as they hosted the Francis Parker Lancers, but their parade couldn’t be rained on as the eventual result saw a 27-12 Eagles win. The outcome also propelled TCC into the pole-position of Pacific League. They’ll look to ride this strong season’s worth of momentum into a tough matchup with a very talented Orange Glen team.

Last week bore witness to a well-rounded performance from the Eagle offense against a lauded Lancer defense.

Freshman quarterback Kian Reid completed 70 percent of his passes for 160 yards and a touchdown and was bolstered by 300 combined rushing yards from five different rushers.

Senior running back Christian Salibo alone brought in 147 yards and two touchdowns on just 13 carries and the passing yards came on 12 completions. Safe to say, the Eagles will bring plenty of explosive potential into this showdown.

This marked Salibo’s 20th rushing touchdown on the season and surpassed the 1000-rushing-yard mark as well, a truly special senior season.

Orange Glen will occupy the opposing sideline. Their most recent “official” result was a 20-0 loss to The Bishop’s School Knights two weeks ago.

The Patriots were one of the many teams who didn’t resume play after the county-wide thunderstorms, and the matchup with the La Jolla Country Day Torreys was ruled a no-contest with no plans for rescheduling.

OGHS was leading LJCD 21-13 when the storm broke, and that would mark the end of competition for the night.

The week before, Orange Glen fought relentlessly with the Knights, who employ one of the most physical defenses in the Coastal League.

Cael Patterson, star Patriot running-back, showed plenty of his signature explosive burst, but the Knights corralled the exceptionally potent multi-headed rushing attack.

Orange Glen uses a balanced attack when trailing, but if the Patriots can establish any kind of early lead, the running game comes out in abundance. It isn’t unheard of for OGHS to compile forty-five rushing attempts and several hundred yards in a single contest, and they tend to consume the game clock as quickly as they devour the field in front of them.

Fans looking to attend Friday night’s showcase of San Diego football talent need only show up at Orange Glen High at 7 p.m.

Alternatively, catch the highlights and final score of this game, and all games around San Diego County on KUSI’s Prep Pigskin Report, Friday Night at 11 p.m.

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