Poway Titans 0, Point Loma Pointers 38

                You can simply call the (8-3) Point Loma Pointers “The Nation of Domination”. The quarterfinals in Week 13 at Clairemont High led to Point Loma defeating the (6-6) Poway Titans, subsequently ended Poway’s season. The final score, 38-0 Point Loma.

                Although I expected Poway to at least have some points on the board, my predictions were correct. As anticipated, Jaylen Griffin was flying downfield multiple times. Griffin managed to execute 3 rushing touchdowns and achieved 102 yards. His efforts were complemented with a dose of his fellow running back, Tshombre “Cutback” Carter. Carter trailed Griffin by rushing 86 yards and unfortunately did not score a touchdown.

                The offense set a momentum that was quickly maintained by the defense. The name that was mentioned by the announcer over and over again was Matthew Fa’alele. The Samoan, Fa’alele, was out for blood every time the whistle blew. He accomplished 7 tackles in Poway’s backfield, including sacks. Adding to the physical pain inflicted towards Poway, he recovered a fumble late in the 3rd quarter.  The recovery allowed the offense great field position and set up a scoring drive. You can expect to hear the name Fa’alele for years to come since the beast incarnate is just a sophomore.

                The Point Loma Pointers will face the Oceanside Pirates next week in the Division I Semi-finals.


In the flip of a dime, we have arrived to the Quarterfinals of the Division I playoffs. After Friday night, the best of the best will be weeded out from the rest of the pack and enter the Semi-finals. A battle will ensue at Clairemont high school at 7 PM when the (6-5) Poway Titans confront the (7-3) Point Loma Pointers.

The Pointers are coming off of a well-deserved bye week; hopefully they have properly prepared for the Titan’s power. Week after week, San Diego watches the PPR and witnesses the extravagance and skill of Jaylen Griffin. This Friday will not be any different. I expect a great performance from Griffin as he finds, or creates, holes in the Poway defense and flies down field. Yet, Griffin cannot be praised without commending his teammates on the O-line like the big man Davey Folsom. Many big rushing gains have been thanks to blocks and support from 6’4”, 300 lbs. Folsom and the rest of the O-line.

Poway have shook off their playoff jitters blowing out the El Capitan Vaqueros last week. The Titans must have a clear and concise plan to overcome the Pointers. The defense should especially be weary of Griffin’s rushing prowess. A solution can result from the ability to circumvent Folsom’s leading blocks to have a direct shot to Griffin.

The winner of the game will move onto the Semi-finals next week to face the victor between the Oceanside Pirates and San Marcos Knights. Catch the highlights from this game and the others from across San Diego on the Prep Pigskin Report at 10:30 PM. 

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