Ramona Bulldogs 35, Vista Panthers 19

Vista high school welcomed the Ramona Bulldogs on their home turf last night. The Bulldogs faced the Vista Panthers in a game that had the crowd pacing and fan’s hearts racing. For the Bulldogs being the favorite in this week’s match up, we were pleased to see some balance in both teams offense and defense. Despite giving their all every play, the Panthers lost to their opponents 35-19.

 Last night, this game saw many players’ breakout and standout. There were even plays that successfully defeated all logic and reason. Players that made an impact in this game were Vista Panther running backs, Nicholas Stormo (Sr.) and Tyler Staicer (Jr.) and Ramona Bulldogs running backs Tristan Stacy (Sr.), Sean McDonald (Jr.) and Caleb Berman (Sr.).

 In the 1st quarter Tristan Stacy completed an incredible 90 yd. kick return touchdown. Right off the bat he put numbers on the board and gets the party started. Soon after, the Panthers running back, Nicholas Stormo makes a clean 38yd touch down run. With an incomplete PAT, the Panthers were barely behind 7-6. Come 2nd quarter, the Bulldog’s Sean McDonald makes a fast and furious 33yd touch down run. Come 2nd half, Caleb Berman makes his first 31yd touchdown run. With a sack here and fumble recovery there, both teams made it a point to give their 100%, 100% of the time.

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Preview: We’re in our fifth week of Friday night football but our Friday night fun is only just beginning. Last week, high school football commenced its first round of 2017 CIF games. With an upset here and close game there, we hope all teams leave their pre-season jitters behind.

This week the Vista Panthers (1-3) have the home field advantage as they take on the Ramona Bulldogs (4-0). The Bulldogs have had an incredibly strong run thus far. Last week in their game against Rancho Bernardo, Seniors Casey Buggeln (QB) and Tristan Stacy (RB/WR) played a significant role in securing the team’s 4th overall win. Buggeln threw a 52yd touchdown and Stacy had a 56yd punt return. Junior Sean McDonald (RB/FS) also proved to be a player that’ll do whatever it takes to carry his team successfully over the finish line. His tenacity carried him through what appeared to be a challenging 13yd touch down run.

Despite the Ramona Bulldogs looking strong for this week’s matchup, only under the Friday night-lights will we know who comes out on top. Tune in to the Prep Pigskin Report Friday at 10:30pm to catch highlights, final scores and so much more. You can also follow LIVE game day updates and mentions on our Twitter/Instagram @RedJacketArmy.

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