San Pasqual Golden Eagles 60, Orange Glen Patriots 0

The 2017 Bear trophy will stay right where it has been since 2003, with the San Pasqual Golden Eagles. Friday Night’s game belonged to the Golden Eagles right from the start.

After a four and out from Orange Glen, the Golden Eagles scored on the opening play of their first offensive drive when Westin Erdman connected with Brett Sayers for a 57-yard touchdown. Erdman finished the game with 69 passing yards and 42 rushing yards.

The other offensive key for the Golden Eagles was their running back, Brett Sayers, who finished the game with 3 touchdowns. San Pasqual kept the ball on the ground as they only passed twice all game and 8 of their 9 touchdowns were via rushing.

Before the game, I asked the head coach for the Golden Eagles, Tony Corley, about how the recent Battle of the Bear games have played out, and he said, “fortunately in our favor and that’s what we are trying to do tonight.” Just as Coach Corley anticipated, the Golden Eagles came out on top.

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PREVIEW: Are you ready for The Battle of the Bear! This week, the San Pasqual Eagles will be visiting their cross-town rivals the Orange Glen Patriots. This matchup has existed since 1972 and is now the 43rd time these teams will face one another.  

Last year, the Patriots were on the road against the Golden Eagles and lost 62-31 in an offensive shootout.

This week, San Pasqual will be looking to put up some points as they have only scored a combined 14 points in the last two weeks. Along with that, the Golden Eagles will obviously be hunting for a win as they have lost two straight after starting their season off with a big win over Granite Hills High School.

For the Patriots, they have started off their season 0-3 and will not only be searching for their first win of the season but the Bear trophy as well. In the past, San Pasqual has been notorious to take home The Bear, but it would be quite the spark to Orange Glen’s season if they were to win this week.

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